Our Second Life Battery Energy Storage systems (ESS) offers:

– More Sustainable Energy Storage Solution (160Kg CO2/kWh less)

– 30% reduced costs

– Higher profitability through EMS capabilities

– Safer LFP Technology

Ideal for

  • Energy Storage with PV systems
  • Frequency Response Services
  • Peak shaving

Lithium batteries are currently used in the majority of storage systems all over the world. A wide range of technologies are used in the area of lithium batteries to store energy utilizing lithium ions, which have a free positive charge and are easily reactive with other elements.

Energy Storage
Peak Shaving

Benefits of our Battery-as-a-Service (optional)

  • Unlimited product and performance guarantees
  • No payments up front
  • Predictive maintenance through remote monitoring of the batteries
  • Secure a stock of batteries at your premise, as spare parts
  • No additional transportation costs for repairs or replacements
  • No concerns about recycling costs