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For companies

For EPCs

We breathe new life into lithium-ion batteries, repurposing them as second-life battery storage.

With our top-tier storage systems, your business can access the full benefits of renewable energies. We provide companies the safest and most reliable green energy storage systems to ensure an independent and future-proof energy supply.

Our second-life energy storage systems set a new standard for safety and reliability. Built-in energy management software makes remote monitoring, control, and analytics simpler than ever.

With a storage capacity of up to 100 MwH and guaranteed immediate delivery, we are the most trusted Swiss partner for EPCs and energy suppliers.

Energy optimization

Use your energy smartly and cost-efficiently

Energy optimization is key for companies with high energy consumption to save costs and meet efficiency targets.

Benefit from PV self-consumption and peak-shaving to meet your energy needs while reducing expenses.


Energy arbitrage

Buy at low costs to maximize your energy profits

Suppliers can maximize cost savings and efficiency with energy arbitrage. Secure electricity at the lowest rates during off-peak hours and employ our cutting-edge storage solutions to enable reliable use during peak periods.


Ancillary service

Meet your energy demand in real time

Ancillary services ensure the proper operation of the power grid. Our battery storage systems not only guarantee the seamless operation of the electricity grid but also enhance its reliability and resilience, leading to a fast ROI.

Price optimization

Always be in control of your costs

The construction industry, with its high energy consumption, is particularly affected by high energy prices.

By using renewable energies and integrating our high-performance industrial storage systems, peak loads can be capped and high energy costs minimized.

Price optimization

Smart Grid

Ensure a stable and efficient energy grid

Smart grids are revolutionizing the way we manage energy.

By seamlessly integrating our highly reliable battery racks, companies can go off-grid and reduce energy expenditures. EPCs can avoid CAPEX for grid infrastructure and decentralise congestion at the nodes.

Outage backup

Outage backup

Always be in control of your energy

When public power fails, rely on our safe backup power solutions to protect your business from downtime and keep operations running smoothly, independent of the grid.

ESG Contribution

Ensure your future-proof business meets ESG requirements

Replace fossil fuels and diesel in your energy supply by using our green energy storage systems.

With your storage system, you will receive a CO2 certificate to easily achieve your ESG goals.

ESG Contribution