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The technology is conceived with simplicity in mind.
The e-Bricks can be stack together easily to build battery system capacities requiered by each application. The standard size and design allows to integrate the e-Brick in most of the applications.

Active Balancing Technology

Advanced Intelligence

The e-Brick’s active balancing algorithm extends the life cycle of second life batteries considerably, since the weakest cells are supported by the strongest cells. Thanks to our unique data-based algorithm, we can estimate the remaining lifecycle of our batteries and guarantee the performance. The entire data transmission takes place via block chain technology for secure data transmission and transparency with our customers.

A plan that suit your need

With Battery-as-a-Service we not only reduce environmental impact, but also offer more affordable solution to customers enabling fair battery plans so that customers do not have to invest in batteries anymore but pay for the service that batteries provide. With this our customers gain more liquidity, and we ensure more trust in terms of performance and life span.

Use and Reuse

Upcycling Technology

Libattion thinks about the future. The e-Bricks have been designed to enable a smooth transition to 2nd Life and later to recycling. We work very closely with recycling companies and know exactly the state of the art in recycling technology. This means that when the e-Bricks are no longer sufficient for 1st Life application, such as in a light electric vehicle or robots, the customer can get a rack to slide the used e-Bricks into and allow them to extend their product life cycle in a so called “2nd Life”. When the capacity continues to degrade, these 2nd Life e-Bricks can be easily recycled, closing the loop and reducing the carbon footprint.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Tecnology

The unique algorithmus to determine real-time perfomance is specially for fleet machines and systems. The innovative analytics software evaluates the data for predictive maintenance (PdM) practices and Pay-per-Use.  



  • Prediction of defects, avoiding expensive breakdowns 
  • Enabling Pay-Per-Use model 
  • Prediction of lifetime, thus enabling targeted cost-efficient replacements 
  • Transparency for performance guarantees 
  • Most efficient charging process 
  • Increased transparency and professionalism 
  • Exact planning of new investments/services Improved operational safety and productivity 
  • Increased flexibility
  • Possibility to significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved machine or system availability

Battery as a Service

With Battery Subscription, you rent the batteries instead of buying. Our customers receive an unlimited performance guarantee and thus increased availability of their systems. As a result, operators have no concerns about:

  • battery life cycle
  • battery replacement costs
  • degradation of performance over time
  • battery logistics
  • recycling costs
  • charging stations